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The new moon's ruler, Jupiter, is cozying up to Venus, boding so well for the weeks to come. Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your Sagittarius loved one? Gorgeous roses that last a year accompanied by Year Ahead booklet written word for word by me. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Today Mercury went direct. If you read my column, AstrologyZone. Wait to sign contracts or shop--I like Nov Dec 2 will be perfect days to shop.

Mercury will go direct this week on Nov 20 but don't jump on signing contracts then. In my life, I'm waiting for Nov 29, a better time to sign, when Mercury agreements will work smoothly with Saturn longevity.

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Mon, Nov 18, Mars will enter Scorpio to stay until Jan 3. This will give Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer a big boost. Many of you know I was born with an internal bleeding disorder that was fixed after many surgeries. I've had 40 blood transfusions in my life, the way some used to contrac I never did--I was lucky and am healthy, the reason I must help the 38M worldwide who do suffer.

The story of Elizabeth Glaser is sad. In , she had 7 transfusions after childbirth and contracted HIV virus from one. She died at 47 in She had unknowingly passed on the virus to her baby. Jump to.

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    Virgo August 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

    Career benefits will definitely be seen. The new moon will affect the money sector by enabling a lucrative business deal or you will agree to put it in a new job position.

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    If you have your own business, you will work on raising capital. If you work in art, acting, photography, filmmaker, producer, member of a filmmaking team etc. Get the most out of it. Before you sign a document, remember that Mercury will be in the background from 5 to 28 March, creating a great deal of jitter. Ask for help from a lawyer and do not even think about doing these things yourself.

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    See if you can rest during the days when the full moon goes to Libra on March 20th. Aphrodite will be in the seventh partnership house so if you are in a relationship, you will experience some very special moments. This month brings the news exciting and happy for you - March 6: Uranus, the unexpected planet, will leave your eighth home, which regulates loans and debts. You will feel happy after Uranus's departure brings the end of the "financial shocks" you have been thinking these times.

    The Uranus rotates around the Sun for 84 years, so it will take a long time to come back to you.

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    Now, Uranus will enter Dem, a landmark.